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Wrestling League Seeks to Dismiss Case Alleging Liability for Wrestlers’ Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Earlier this month, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), a professional wrestling entertainment league, filed papers in a federal court in Connecticut seeking to dismiss a number of cases filed against the league alleging that WWE knew about the dangers involved in participating in the league but failed to disclose them to participants. According to one local news source that analyzed the court documents, WWE is claiming that the allegations are time-barred.

Evidently, a number of wrestlers have filed suit against the WWE in recent months, alleging that they were “injured as a result of WWE’s negligent and fraudulent conduct.” WWE took issue with the filings and has responded that the wrestlers waited too long to file the claims against the league, and therefore the wrestlers should be prevented from recovering at this late juncture. According to the article, several of the wrestlers participated back in the league in the 1980s and 1990s and just recently filed suit. There are, however, wrestlers who have more recently participated in the league who have also alleged traumatic brain injuries from the “fraudulent and negligent” conduct of the WWE. It remains to be seen how the court will rule on the WWE’s request.

Statutes of Limitations in Nevada Accident Cases
The above case was filed in Connecticut, but the legal doctrines and principles that are the basis of the dispute between the wrestlers and the WWE are equally important under Nevada law. In Nevada, almost every type of lawsuit is governed by a statute of limitations, which sets forth the time frame within which a lawsuit must be filed.

For example, under Nevada law, an action alleging personal injury must be brought within two years. An action claiming fraud must be brought within three years. However, this gives rise to a very important question: when does the clock start on these claims?

Determining when a statute of limitations begins is often where the bulk of the litigation arises in these type of cases. There is no way to provide an all-encompassing answer without having an understanding of the facts of a specific case, but generally speaking, the time starts either when the incident giving rise to the injuries occurred or when the injury itself was discovered by the plaintiff.

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