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Whistleblowers: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Blow the Whistle

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Read ten things you should know before you blow the whistle, and how a whistleblower attorney in Las Vegas can help protect your rights by Paul Padda Law, Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

Whistleblowing is a hot-button topic across the nation and all over the world. People like Edward Snowden have shed light on what it means to blow the whistle. But the practice has been going on for long enough that there are laws in place not only to protect, but to reward people who sound the alarm on those who violate the law in the practice of doing business.

Whistleblowing can be hazardous and can result in unintended and serious (though potentially illegal) consequences for the person doing the blowing. Read ten things you should know before you blow the whistle, and how a whistleblower attorney in Las Vegas can help protect your rights.

Effective Deterrent

Whistleblowing is potentially the single most effective deterrent for corporate corruption and crime there is, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Don’t Let Fear Delay You

The decision to blow the whistle is a scary one, but don’t delay. The more you delay, the less your case is worth.

Be Ready for Backlash

There’s going to be backlash. It’s just a fact of life. Whistleblowing is serious business and the company is going to fight back, which could bring trouble down on you and your family, despite whistleblower protection statutes.

Embrace Your Status

If you’re going to blow the whistle, be a whistleblower. Don’t try to hide behind the “I’m just doing my job” defense. You need to embrace being a whistleblower to take advantage of whistleblower protection.

Watch out for Bribes

You’re about to out illegal and corrupt practices. These people may try to bribe you to keep quiet. Don’t accept the offer or you just make yourself complicit in their crimes.

Don’t Trust Anonymous Hotlines

Does your company have a toll-free anonymous hotline to report wrongdoings? Do you really think it’s going to generate results? More importantly, do you think it’s truly anonymous?

Compliance Officers Work for the Company

Every company these days have “corporate compliance officers” whose job is apparently to keep everyone on the up and up. Again, these professionals work for the people upon whom you’re blowing the whistle. They’re not your ally.

Don’t Trust Confidentiality Promises

Even if you’re using what is supposedly an anonymous tip line, don’t assume its actually confidential. Companies have ways to tag problem employees and narrow down who might be complaining.

Stay Above Board

Remember, you’re blowing the whistle on lawbreakers. If you yourself break the law in the process, you’re hurting your credibility and the evidence you submit. That means do not steal evidence or obtain information in a dishonest way.

Find the Right Whistleblower Law Firm

A qualified and experienced whistleblower attorney in Las Vegas is your best ally. They can make sure not only that your rights, life and family are protected, but that your story gets heard, the corrupt practices stopped, and you get the reward to which you are entitled.


If you suspect corporate misdoings in your Las Vegas area company, talk to the whistleblower law firm with the best results and experience. Call Paul Padda Law to discuss your case today.


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