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How to Verify You Have Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage

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Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las Vegas

Hi, I’m Paul Padda, the owner and managing attorney of Paul paddle law a Las Vegas-based law firm representing people who have been injured by the negligence of others. Today I want to talk to about the importance that insurance contracts play in personal injury cases.

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Includes Total Compensation for Your Injuries

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las VegasIf you had a loved one who was killed in a car accident, what would that be worth to you? If you were t-boned in a car accident and you were left a paraplegic by someone who was perhaps a drunk driver, what would that be worth to you? Do you know that so much of the value of your case is going to turn, not only on the value of the insurance that you have, but the value of the insurance that the person who causes the injuries has? And in those cases where the other party has no insurance, it makes it highly important that you personally have really good insurance.

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage vs. Nevada State Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las VegasInsurance coverage is something we always explain to our clients, even in cases where we’ve represented our client, and have obtained good results for them. I always personally sit down with my clients and review their insurance contracts, because it’s so important that people understand what’s at stake. So, for example, in Nevada the law is that you have to have at least $15,000 in coverage under an insurance contract involving auto insurance. That law has changed, it’s going to increase to $25,000 soon. However, what that means, is that, let’s say you cause injury to someone else: The insurance company will pay up to $15,000 to cover you. But above and beyond that, if you’ve caused injuries, you’re going to be personally responsible for it. So that’s why it’s very important to have high collision insurance.

UMUIM (Uninsured Motorist Underinsured Motorist) Coverage

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las VegasHowever, there’s another aspect to auto insurance which a lot of people don’t even think about, but it’s probably the most crucial aspect of having good insurance, and that’s what’s called UMUIM coverage (Uninsured Motorist Underinsured Motorist coverage).

Let’s say you’re minding your own business and going to work one day, and someone t-bones you, leaving you with catastrophic injuries. And let’s further assume you have coverage that extends to the injuries you cause someone else. What happens if the person who hits you only has a $15,000 policy? Could you imagine, you’ve been left a paraplegic for the rest of your life and the insurance company for the person who caused you injuries sends you a check for $15,000? Do you think that would be fair compensation? Would you want to take that risk?

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Protects You Against Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

You don’t have to take that risk. You know why? Because you can get really good UMUIM coverage. And a lot of people don’t even know what that means, and they don’t even ask their insurance agent, “Am I adequately covered?” So, for example, you can get UMUIM coverage up to a million dollars. What that means is that you are basically ensuring against the risk that someone who is going to hit you has very low insurance, but that if you have significant injuries you can dip into your own policy up to a million dollars or more and get coverage. That’s really, really important. You always want to have that hedge against the risk that someone’s going to cause injuries to you and not have sufficient insurance coverage. It’s not only important–it’s essential in order to protect yourself.

Potential Cost of Not Having Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las VegasNot having adequate insurance coverage can have life altering consequences. You don’t need to hear from me, you know how expensive health care is in this day and age. A trip to the hospital in an ambulance can easily run $30-40,000 dollars. For most people, that’s a lot of money, and can you imagine if you’ve been caused injuries by someone who only has a $15,000 policy and you get $15,000 but you have $80,000 in medical bills? Where are you going to get the money to help you in that difficult situation? That’s why it’s so important to have UMUIM coverage.

Review Your Insurance Contract for Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las VegasI tell all of my clients to make sure they review their contracts with their insurance agents, and if you have any further questions come to us at Paul Padda Law. I’m always open to meeting with people who want to bring me their insurance contract and review it with me. And I can help guide you in understanding what your rights are, what’s the best coverage for your situation and frankly, making sure that you can see how bad things can be. I can tell you so many horror stories about clients I have had, heartbreaking stories where people have been put into financial ruin, do to no fault of their own, as a result of someone else’s negligence. But, that they didn’t have adequate insurance coverage and it really made a difference in their case.

Ask Paul Padda Law Whether Your Auto Insurance Coverage is Adequate

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage Paul Padda Law Las VegasSo it’s very very very important to have good insurance coverage. Make sure you ask a lot of questions. Make sure your insurance agent goes through it with you. Or, if you have any follow-up questions, you can always come to us at Paul Padda Law, and I will be happy to sit down and help you.

Having the right insurance contract can make all the difference in the world between getting just compensation or frankly no compensation. It is extremely important that you understand your insurance contract, that you understand your rights under your insurance contract and that you have properly prepared yourself in the event something terrible happens, that you’ll have good coverage.

At Paul Padda Law, we always work with our clients to make sure they understand their insurance coverage and help them if they’ve been in a bad situation, to make sure they remedy that situation by getting better insurance coverage.

Remember, if you’ve been injured in Las Vegas better call Paul.

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Paul Padda, a former federal prosecutor, is the founder of Paul Padda Law: a law firm based in Las Vegas Nevada representing plaintiffs throughout the nation in personal injury and other civil cases. With over 15 years experience litigating in federal and state court, Paul has a proven track record of success, including obtaining one of the largest jury verdicts in Nevada history. A first generation American, Paul is dedicated and committed to helping his clients navigate the legal system and take on large and powerful interests. A lawyer who truly cares, Paul provides individualized and compassionate attention to each and every one of his clients.

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