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What’s the Value of Your Personal Injury Case in Las Vegas?

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Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las Vegas

Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las VegasA question I often get is, “What’s the value of my personal injury case?” That question actually implicates two things.

  1. How do you measure economic loss in the context of a personal injury case?
  2. What can you as a client do to ensure that you document the full extent of your economic loss, so that you can get the maximum recovery that you’re entitled to under the law?

The Value of Your Personal Injury Case: Is it the Sum of the Cost of Treatment?

Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las VegasA lot of clients think that the only measure of their economic loss are their medical bills. After an accident, maybe you went to the hospital, you to went to see a chiropractor, maybe you went to a spine doctor, maybe you also went see a pain management specialist. You incurred medical expenses. Most people tend to think that the injuries they’ve sustained are the measure of their economic loss.

The Value of Your Personal Injury Case Beyond the Cost of Treatment

Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las VegasThis is why it’s so important to have a good lawyer on your side–there’s so much more to it than the sum of the medical expenses you incur in the process of treating your injuries. What about going forward 20 years from now. Are you going to experience pain? Are you going to be dealing with some of the physical manifestations of what’s happened to you? That’s part of your economic loss. Also, consider the pain and suffering you’ve had to go through, not only now, but well into the future as a result of your physical injuries. What about lost opportunities? What about broken relationships? If you’re an entrepreneur or business person, what about opportunities that you are not able to pursue because you were dealing with the injuries from your accident?

All of these things need to be looked at very closely by having the right lawyer on your side–someone who can help you–someone who understands not only what the case law allows, but also in terms of litigating these types of cases, someone who understands the full panoply of economic loss.

How to Help your Attorney Document the Full Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las VegasThat’s really important, because when you’re dealing with an insurance company they’re not in the business of just giving away money. A good lawyer is going to document every aspect of economic loss and help you get the maximum recovery. There are things that you can do to help your lawyer, for example, keeping good records, documenting things that you’re experiencing, providing your lawyer with the names of witnesses who can also speak to things that you have gone through; loved ones who can testify to all of the difficulties that you’ve had.

Proven Economic Loss Drives the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Economic loss is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any personal injury case because that’s going to drive how much compensation you get as a client. When clients come to see me they often will ask me what’s my case worth, and I often explain it to them this way: Pretend that you’re on a jury and you’re sitting there as a juror assessing a case in which someone has been injured under the same circumstances in which you’ve been injured. What would you want to know? What would you want to know in order to award that person the most compensation?

Sympathy Will Not Measurably Affect the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las VegasStudies have shown that sympathy is the least motivating factor to juries. That’s surprising to a lot of people. I always tell clients that people who are sitting on a jury don’t know you. They’ve had to take time out of their work life or personal life to sit on a jury. We have to make sure, of course, whether they like you helps. And you want to always project yourself in the best possible light. That means dressing well and appearing in a professional manner in court. But juries are going to look at the hard facts in a case. They’re going to want to see medical bills. They’re going to want to see documentation. They’re going to want to hear from experts. They’re going to want to see that you’re not just pulling a number out of thin air. They want to make a decision that they can feel good about, and that seems rational to them, just as you would what to do the same thing if you were on a jury.

Gather All Documentation of the Value of Your Personal Injury Case Into a Folder

Value of Your Personal Injury Case Paul Padda Law Las VegasSo, what does that mean in practical terms? When clients come to us at Paul Padda Law, we provide them with a client folder, and we have a checklist of things to look for, things to document, things to provide us, so we can start to build a case in terms of documenting all of one’s economic loss.

How much recovery you can get, whether in dealing with and negotiating directly with insurance company or, if it’s required and you have to go to court and you end up going in front of a jury, it’s all going to come down to what’s been documented. And so, for that reason, it’s really, really important to keep accurate records: Sometimes even keeping a journal to document the pain and suffering that you’re experiencing.

A Good Lawyer Will Help You Organize Documentation of the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

But having a good lawyer who can help guide you through that process. Organization is the key to life in most aspects of life, right? You can’t be successful if you’re not organized. And the same is true in a case. You have to be organized. That’s what we do in terms of helping our clients: We get them organized. And we know what to look for in putting it all together to make sure that you achieve maximum compensation.

Having the right lawyer on your side is the difference between winning and losing. Proving economic loss is all about what you can document. At Paul Padda Law, we help our clients get the best possible recovery. That’s how we were able to obtain a 160-million-dollar verdict in court. If you’ve been injured in Las Vegas, remember, better call Paul.

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Paul Padda, a former federal prosecutor, is the founder of Paul Padda Law: a law firm based in Las Vegas Nevada representing plaintiffs throughout the nation in personal injury and other civil cases. With over 15 years experience litigating in federal and state court, Paul has a proven track record of success, including obtaining one of the largest jury verdicts in Nevada history. A first generation American, Paul is dedicated and committed to helping his clients navigate the legal system and take on large and powerful interests. A lawyer who truly cares, Paul provides individualized and compassionate attention to each and every one of his clients.

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