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Tracy Morgan Back on Stage After Accident Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury

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Tracy Morgan Back on Stage After Accident Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury

Last year, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a six-vehicle accident that ended up claiming the life of his dear friend, James McNair. In addition, Morgan suffered broken ribs, a broken nose, a broken leg, as well as a traumatic brain injury. However, according to one recent news article, the comedian has made great strides in his progress and has recently begun taking the stage again, most recently with an emotional speech at the Emmy’s.

The Accident
Back in the early morning hours on June 7 of last year, Morgan was riding in a limo with his entourage leaving Atlantic City and heading back to New York. The group was heading north on the New Jersey Turnpike when they were slowed down by construction. The limo was topped in traffic when a 2011 Peterbilt truck that was owned and operated by Wal-Mart struck the back of the group’s limo.

Evidence that has been collected since the accident showed that the driver of the truck was traveling between 10-20 miles per hour over the speed limit at the time of the accident. It was also later discovered that the driver of the truck had not slept in the 24 hours preceding the accident.

The Injuries
As noted above, actor and comedian, James McNair, was killed as a result of the accident. Morgan survived the accident but escaped at the cost of serious injury. For several months after the accident, Morgan walked with a cane and required intensive physical and occupational therapy to overcome the effects of the traumatic brain injury he suffered. However, the long-term effects of the TBI are something that Morgan will likely have to deal with for the rest of his life.

Both the family of James McNair, as well as Morgan himself, have settled civil lawsuits with Wal-Mart and the driver of the truck. Criminal charges against the truck driver are still pending in New Jersey court.

Accidents Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injuries

Anytime someone walks away from a serious car accident, they are lucky to be alive. However, all too often even the survivors of car or truck accidents suffer long-term symptoms from the injuries they sustained in the accident. A traumatic brain injury is one of those injuries. The total effect of a traumatic brain injury may not be realized in the weeks or months following an accident and may require evaluation by several specialists in order to be completely understood. Before you settle a case that may have to result in a TBI, contact a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Have You Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in any kind of Law Vegas accident that may have resulted in a TBI, you should speak with an attorney immediately. The long-term effects of a TBI may not be known immediately, and defense attorneys may be eager to settle the case before they come to light. Ensure you are fairly represented in your case, call Paul Padda Law, PLLC at 800-967-1923 to set up a consultation to discuss your case. Calling is free and will not result in any obligation on your part unless we are able to recover for you.

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