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Top July 4th Safety Tips

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Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety TipsThe Las Vegas injury attorneys at Paul Padda Law wish you the best 4th of July holiday and enjoyable outdoor celebrations throughout the Summer. Stay safe and uninjured this July 4th! Here are eight of our best 4th of July safety tips. If you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these 8 potential hazards, you will more likely have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July celebration:

  1. Food

  2. Grill

  3. Ears

  4. Water/Pool

  5. Child Crowd Security

  6. Sun and Heat

  7. Fireworks

  8. Road

If you make a mental note to be aware of potential hazard around the above 8 areas, stay awake and aware and use common sense, you’ve got the gist of this entire article.

1) Food Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Food Safety

  • Avoid food poisoning: On a hot day, food spoils if left refrigerated for more than an hour. Separate that potato salad into 2 bowls and rotate them between the table and the refrigerator or cooler vs. leaving one bowl out all afternoon.
  • Avoid poisoning your dog: Don’t give your dog human food. Stick to dog food. Onions, chocolate, coffee, grapes, and raisins can be particularly toxic.
  • Avoid alcohol poisoning your child: If there are small children at the party, don’t leave alcoholic beverages unattended.

Grill Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Grill Safety

  • Avoid burns: Keep children away from the grill, at least 3 feet.
  • Avoid fires and explosions: Check grill hoses for leaks and keep the grill away from flammable materials (wood decks, house siding, trees, loose clothing…etc.). In fact, keep your grill at least 10 feet from your house and never grill indoors. Remove flammable grease buildup from the trays below your grill. If the flame goes out, turn the gas off for at least 15 minutes before reigniting. Never leave a liquid propane tank inside a vehicle.

Ear Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Ear Safety

  • Protect your pets: July 4th can be especially frightening to pets whose hearing is much more acute then humans. Keep your pets in a safe, quiet place on the 4th.
  • Protect your children: Children’s hearing can be more easily damaged than adults. This would be a good time for ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones.

Water/Pool Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Pool Safety

  • Avoid boating accidents: Don’t drink and drive…or swim! Every passenger should have a life preserver. Observe boating safety best practices. Review these with every passenger.
  • Designate a lifeguard: One person needs to be primarily responsible for the safety of children (and adults) when swimming or on a boat. Hire a lifeguard for the day if needed.
  • Never leave children unattended around a pool or body of water. Enclose the pool with a safety fence if needed.
  • Pool toys are not life preservers. Those who can’t swim need to be fitted with a proper flotation device.
  • Safety items to have on hand: First aid kit, cell phone, flotation device, scissors to cut clothing or hair that becomes entangled under water.

Child Crowd Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Sun Safety

  • Mark your child: In any large public gathering, your child needs to have your name and phone number tattooed or written on their arm. Cover with a water-proof bandage.
  • Keep your child safe from choking or strangulation hazard. Many fireworks are toxic choking hazards for small children, and those glow necklaces that wrap around the neck can be dangerous.

Sun and Heat Safety Tips

  • Avoid sun damage: Apply SPF 30 15 minutes before sun exposure and every 2 hours thereafter (every 45 minutes if swimming or sweating). This is especially important for children.
  • Avoid dehydration: Drink plenty of water at least every hour. Wear a hat and be sure to spend time resting in the shade for a few minutes 2 or three times each hour. On a hot day it’s best to keep strenuous activity to short periods of time and know that when temperatures reach 104 degrees or higher, the body cannot handle any strenuous activity. Signs of dehydration are dizziness, weakness, confusion, muscle spasms, passing out, or dark urine.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Fireworks Safety

  • Don’t start a fire: In 2017 a huge portion of Oregon’s Columbia Gorge was burned in a fire caused by fireworks. July 4th is the hottest part of the Summer, vegetation is dry and when you add hot winds, the conditions are ripe for explosive fires. Keep fireworks far from all vegetation.
  • Don’t use illegal fireworks. They’re illegal because they’re dangerous, and children are particularly susceptible to injury.
  • Always have adult supervision. Children should never operate fireworks unattended.
  • Don’t reignite malfunctioning fireworks. Saturate them with water before disposing them.
  • Throw used fireworks in a bucket of water.
  • Avoid getting burned: Sparklers can reach 2000 degrees and should never be handled by small children. If they fall to the ground, douse them with water before picking them up.

Road Safety Tips

Las Vegas July 4th Safety Tips - Road Safety
Stay off the road if you can on the 4th, especially later at night when the roads are filled with partygoers returning home, some of whom are mixing alcohol and driving while tired on a hot evening–recipe for disaster. This day is reported to have the highest rate of road fatalities.

Again, be awake and aware around the 8 potential danger areas we’ve highlighted above, and you are more likely to have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July, avoiding an unexpected trip to the emergency room and the need for a personal injury attorney.

However, the Las Vegas injury attorneys at Paul Padda Law are always here for you when you need us!

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