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Soft Tissue Injury Following A Car Accident Can Be A Serious Matter – Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Paul S. Padda

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Soft tissue injury, commonly known as “STI,” is a condition involving damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles. STI is extremely common following a car accident. While it might seem benign, STI can be a serious condition leading to serious consequences if not properly treated.

Some of the most common types of STI include sprains, strains, contusions, tendonitis, bursitis, stress injuries and whiplash. Of these, whiplash is among the most common following a car accident due to the nature of the traumatic impact that can cause the head to snap forward. Indeed, many car accidents involve rear-end collisions which, because of the nature of the impact, can cause rapid jolting of the head forward and then back. Severe soft tissue damage can result from whiplash including strains and tears to the ligaments and tendons of the neck region. In some cases, whiplash can cause damage to the spine leading to long-term pain. Statistics show that one out of every three whiplash victims continues to experience continuing neck pain as long as three years following a car accident. STI is a serious condition that may not show up on x-rays right away but which can lead to severe pain later on.

While many people might be inclined to think STI requires a high-speed impact, this is simply not true. Many STI injuries result from low-speed impact accidents – less than 10 miles per hour. Because low impact collisions cause little damage to cars, people often assume there is no significant risk of physical injury. Because of the nature of STI, and because the pain resulting from STI can manifest itself many days later, it is extremely important to seek medical care following any collision. The last thing a person should do is ignore pain following an accident because that decision can lead to more significant consequences later when a ligament might get aggravated leading to increased pain and physical discomfort.

If you’ve been in a car accident, be on the lookout for the following symptoms of STI:

â- Headaches â- Dizziness of nausea â- Neck pain â- Sore muscles in the back â- Tingling sensation in fingers and toes
Any of these conditions following a car accident should compel you to seek medical attention right away. Even if you’ve been released from an emergency room or by paramedics on the scene of an accident, you should still be on alert for discomfort and lingering pain. A medical professional such as a family doctor or chiropractor can help diagnose STI and begin a course of treatment that can help avoid more significant problems later.

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