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Hit-and-run accidents often happen when we least expect them. Most of us never think the other driver will flee the scene of a car accident. But some irresponsible drivers do just that, more often than many people might even realize. A hit-and-run driver might strike a pedestrian a bicyclist or someone on a motorcycle, causing serious and possibly fatal injuries. They often leave behind damaged vehicles and injured individuals, and a long list of questions racing through many people’s minds.

  • Should I follow the hit-and-run driver?
  • What if the police don’t catch the driver who caused my accident?
  • Will my insurance company pay for my hit-and-run accident?

Get accurate answers to your important questions. Contact the Las Vegas car accident lawyers with Paul Padda Law. Founded by former federal prosecutor Paul Padda, our experienced hit-and-run accident lawyers in Las Vegas fight for accident victims and thoroughly understand Nevada’s legal system. We know how to investigate accidents and know how to get people the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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Many people have so many questions after a hit-and-run accident. We understand your confusion and frustration. That’s why we have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions about hit-and-run accidents. We know you want answers. And we’re here to help.

You have too much riding on your accident to leave your future to chance. Make sure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve for your accident. Make sure you don’t suffer financially due to someone else’s criminal behavior. If the driver hit and ran in Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, contact Paul S. Padda right now.

“Why do drivers flee the scene of a car accident?”
Drivers who cause hit-and-run accidents might flee the scene for any number of reasons. Often they are afraid of getting arrested because they are doing something illegal, such as driving without a license or without insurance or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They might be wanted for an outstanding warrant or may have committed a crime. There’s no good excuse to leave the scene of an accident. Someone who is injured in the accident might die because the other driver left and did not call for an ambulance or otherwise help the victim.

“Should I follow the hit-and-run driver?”
No. Even if you think you can catch up to the driver fleeing the scene of an accident, don’t chase after them. You could put your life at risk. Often, drivers leave the scene of an accident because they’re doing something illegal. Don’t put your own personal safety at risk. Simply call the police and report your hit-and-run accident immediately.

“What if the police don’t catch the driver who caused my accident?”
Just because the police didn’t catch the hit-and-run driver who caused your accident doesn’t mean you don’t have legal options. Laws exist that protect your rights.

“Will my insurance company pay for my hit-and-run accident?”

If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. This coverage will pay your medical bills and your passengers’ medical bills if anyone in your car is injured by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver. It’s wise to make sure you have this type of coverage.

“Do I have to accept my insurance company’s offer for my hit-and-run accident?”

No. You can negotiate with your insurance company. Insurance companies routinely make low-ball offers to accident victims and claim they can’t offer any more money. Don’t believe them. Most insurance companies are always willing to pay accident victims more money for their accident.

“Should I hire a lawyer if I’m a victim of a hit-and-run accident?”
Yes. Having an experienced accident attorney on your side that understands the legal system and knows how to investigate accidents can make a dramatic difference. Your lawyer can deal directly with your insurance company and demand the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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