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Many Asiana Airline Passengers Suffer Spinal Injuries – Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda

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The recent tragedy involving the Asiana Airline crash in San Francisco proved three things:

  1. it’s a miracle more people did not die which only demonstrates how much safer aircraft have become;
  2. the importance of wearing seat belts, whether on an airplane or in a car; and
  3. the human body remains as it always has, delicate and subject to severe trauma.

According to medical reports, the majority of the survivors of the Asiana Airline crash sustained spinal injuries. Dr. Geoffrey Manley, chief of neurosurgery at San Francisco General Hospital where many of the survivors are being treated, stated that some passengers needed immediate surgery to stabilize their spines. In an interview following the crash, Dr. Manley reported that among the worst injuries are crushed vertebrae that compress the spinal cord and ligaments so stretched that they can’t hold the neck and back in place like they’re supposed to do.

While there will be a lot of investigative fact-finding following this tragedy to ascertain what exactly happened, the accident once again underscores the importance of seat belts. Dr. David Okonkwo, a neurosurgeon with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, has stated that the best thing passengers can do prior to impact in airline accidents is to assume the “crash” position, meaning they should lean forward with the head as far down as possible and arms over the head. This position, according to Dr. Okonkwo, can limit the spine jolting back and forth and offer some protection.

The fact that 305 of the 307 passengers survived the Asiana crash is nothing short of a miracle and a testament to how much safer modern aircraft is. Nonetheless, passengers aboard that flight will undoubtedly be dealing with spine issues for the rest of their lives. While technology has evolved, the human body remains as fragile as it has been since the beginning of time. Whether on a plane or in a car, buckle up if you want increase safety.

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