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man looking out the window of a nursing home


It’s 2021, but with more than 400k deaths and millions of positive tests, COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc on the nation. While this has been a tough time for everyone, no group of people has been hit harder than the elderly population. The coronavirus is known to cause more complications and increase the risk of death for…

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woman sitting on the chair


Fifty years from now, human trafficking may be seen as one of the biggest tragedies of this era. Currently, there are a suspected 20-40 million human trafficking victims worldwide. Unfortunately, that number has been expanding in recent years.  With this information in mind, you may be curious about what the United States, and more specifically, Nevada, is…

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Woman and Man wearing masks during a meeting.


The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed many aspects of life in the United States. From wearing masks in grocery stores, to cancelling 4th of July celebrations and closing down businesses, Americans have suffered significant financial damages and emotional pain over the past 18 months.  The pandemic has also permanently changed many aspects of life and work.  Given…

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Truck Accidents in Nevada and California

Most Common Causes of Nevada Truck Accidents

Since trucks are massive in size and weight, they often lead to serious injuries and fatalities when their drivers are involved in a crash. Truck accident victims can seek compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Fortunately, legal representation can help you recover these damages and move forward with…

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Car Insurance after an accident

Nevada Car Insurance Questions After an Accident

After a crash that was caused by another party’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. In most cases, you’ll receive the compensation from a liable party’s insurer. To help you learn more about how this works, the Las Vegas car accident lawyers at Paul Padda Law…

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Pedestrians Crossing

The Hazards Pedestrians Face in Nevada

Walking in Nevada can be deadly. In 2017, 99 pedestrians died on the state’s roadways, according to figures from the Nevada Department of Transportation. Not surprisingly, pedestrians in busy Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are particularly vulnerable. In Clark County, 78 pedestrians died, in 2017. Pedestrians who survive accidents with cars may suffer traumatic brain injuries…

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