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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Shares St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas. Keep the luck of the Irish by using these St. Patrick’s Day safety tips, but find a Las Vegas personal injury attorney if someone injures you this year

Prepare a safety plan for St. Patrick’s Day with a help from a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. The annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and many in Las Vegas are rightfully thrilled about our plans for the day. At the same time, we should remember that large groups of people making it their goal to drink heavily can often lead to mishaps, if not some serious injuries. So, to protect yourself and your friend group, you need a safety plan.


The following St. Patrick’s Day safety tips can reduce your odds of having the luck of the Irish turn sour on you and ruin what should be a fun day.

Have a plan, and stick with it

While being spontaneous is fun on a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, regrouping can be difficult if no one has any solid plans. Even if your aim is to go bar hopping or see where the mood takes you, you should have meetup times and places staggered throughout the day to keep everyone together.


Your plan should also include safe ways to get home that involve more than “We’ll just call an Uber.” Ride sharing and taxis will be quite busy on St. Patrick’s Day, so have other backup plans in place in case something goes awry.


Drink plenty of fluids, and keep food in your stomach

Not drinking water or eating solid foods throughout the day is a surefire way to get sick when drinking. Make sure to constantly drink water, preferably at least one four-ounce cup of pure water every hour. Also make sure to have a plan for eating. Even a couple of light snacks throughout the day is better than nothing.


Have a designated sober buddy, and look after one another

The buddy system is a great way to keep track of everyone and ensure that no one gets hurt or left behind. However, if everyone is seeing double by the afternoon, getting a reliable count will be impossible. So, to make sure that everyone can stay accounted for and that people can stay out of trouble, someone should be designated to not drink at all or to limit themselves throughout the day.


Buddies should also actively look after other buddies. People should avoid separating from the group unless they tell someone about it. Someone should also have the guts to say “no” to a friend who has already had too much to drink. Making sure that everyone is eating and drinking throughout the day should also be a strong priority to prevent people from getting sick or even having to go to the hospital.


Try to predict the unpredictable

Stay on the defensive to avoid encountering trouble when possible. For instance, if people are getting especially rowdy at a certain bar, maybe leave before a fight breaks out. Similarly, if you are a designated driver, go ahead and assume that the stumbling masses will jaywalk, ignore right-of-way, and assume every strange car is the Uber they’ve been waiting for.


Final St. Patrick’s Day tip: File a police report if you get hurt or assaulted, and consider appointing a personal injury attorney

No one likes feeling like a tattle-tale, but the chaos of St. Patrick’s Day means that having a clear story about how you got hurt is impossible without a neutral third party like a police officer. If you have an accident somewhere or are injured by a reveler, you will want witnesses and documentation so that you can exercise your right to compensation for your injury.


This need is especially dire if you have a St. Patrick’s Day car accident with someone who was clearly too drunk to drive.


Make sure to contact the proper authorities in the event of a serious mishap, and then contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who can represent your case and help you fight for the compensation for your injury you deserve.


Erin go bragh, my friends!

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