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Las Vegas Lawyer Shares Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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padda shares swimming safety tips

We’re well into the dog days of summer and people are enjoying a lot of fun in the sun. Whether at the local public facility or during a backyard barbecue, swimming pools are an outstanding and fun way to cool down and relax in the hot days of the year. Unfortunately, swimming pool accidents are increasingly common, and too many people get hurt or even die in pools every year.

The vast majority of these accidents could be avoided with a little extra care and safety preparation. That’s why a Las Vegas lawyer offers these swimming pool safety tips to keep you and yours safe and healthy this summer and in all the years to come.

Use Appropriate Barriers

Make sure that your pool is secured at all times with appropriate barriers. The fence surrounding the pool should be at least four-feet high, and should include a self-latching and self-closing gate. Make sure that there is a safety cover over it when it’s not in use, and remove access points like stairs and ladders. A pool alarm can be a great safety measure.

Watch Children!

Keep your children under supervision always. Far too many accidents occur every year because a unsupervised kids get into the pool and drown or nearly drown. Make sure that if kids are swimming, there is a responsible adult watching over them. Never allow anyone, kids or adults, to swim alone. Young and inexperienced swimmers should wear approved life jackets.

Take Swim Lessons

Make sure everyone in your pool knows how to swim. Get you and your family appropriate swimming lessons from the Red Cross. This can be a great way to bond as a family as well as providing an extra degree of safety in the pool.

Monitor Chemical Levels

Improper pH balance in your pool can cause all sorts of issues, from sore eyes to the growth of bacteria, algae and mold. Monitor your chemical levels, and your filtration and pump equipment. Test these things regularly and make sure that your pool stays at the right balance all the time. It’s surprising how often people get sick from bacteria in pool water!

Enforce Safety Rules

Establish specific safety rules and enforce them. If you have a no diving rule and someone dives, they’re out of the pool for at least the day, it’s that simple. Enforcing rules is not mean, it’s keeping people safe and sound.

Consider CPR Courses

Make sure that you have the appropriate safety equipment nearby in case an accident does happen, and consider taking first aid, water safety and CPR courses from the American Red Cross. A few hours of education can be the difference between life and death.

Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

If you’re hurt in someone else’s pool and it’s due to their negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation for the injuries you suffered. If you’d like more information or advice about how to pursue this, you should speak with a swimming pool accident lawyer like Paul Padda. Give us a call to consult about your case at no cost today!

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