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Las Vegas Auto Accident What Do I Do? DAVID STONES GOLIATH

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Las Vegas Auto Accidents – Unexpected, Sudden and Tragic

Las Vegas Auto Accident Preparation Paul Padda Law Personal Injury Attorneys Las VegasLiving in Las Vegas can be exiting: The Strip, Fremont Street Experience, and the shows are only some of the enchanting experiences Vegas offers locals and tourists. Balancing those delights are the traffic, construction congestion, and inevitable Las Vegas auto accidents. Just last week, near Rainbow and Lake Mead boulevards, there was a three vehicle, one fatality Las Vegas auto accident, including an SUV wrapping around a large pole.

Imagine if you were involved in a Las Vegas auto accident today on your way to work, dinner or a show. What would you do? How well prepared are you? Here’s some guidance from a seasoned Las Vegas auto accident law firm.


Las Vegas Auto Accident with No Preparation? What You Can Expect:

Often, most often in fact, people wait until they get into an auto accident and then look for an attorney. However, here’s the problem: While they’re looking for an attorney, the other party’s liability insurance company is besieging them with calls, offering them a quick settlement, asking them to put their signature to documents that may drastically limit their right to the compensation to which they are entitled including adequate replacement of property, lost time and wages and the medical attention they need for full recovery from their injuries.

Las Vegas Auto Accident Preparation Paul Padda Law Personal Injury Attorneys Las VegasThe other party’s insurance company representatives can be very persuasive and even threatening. You may feel like David, alone facing Goliath, in need of some secret weapon in order to prevail.

Without a knowledgeable attorney whom you trust to represent their interests, those who are unprepared may end up bearing a large portion of the cost of that Las Vegas auto accident they did not cause.

Las Vegas Auto Accident Secret Weapon – Be Prepared to Face Goliath:

Wouldn’t it be better and foster greater peace of mind to know in advance where to go when you do get into a Las Vegas Auto Accident? Why wait until the wreck, when your car is damaged, your body is sore, your nerves are on edge and you are traumatized?

Prepare for a Las Vegas Auto Accident: Don’t Wait Until the Accident.

  1. Review your insurance coverage at least annually to be sure it is adequate. Note your deductibles, limits, family coverage, UNUIM coverage, third party liability coverage. Realize that the minimum coverage will be drastically insufficient for just about any accident or injury.
  2. Inspect the safety features of your car at least every six months, and be in the habit of utilizing them to the fullest (rearview mirror, sideview mirrors, emergency packet, status of your breaks and tires, seat belts – are they worn, frayed? Head rests – are they properly in place?)
  3. Pre-select an attorney. Do you have an attorney you trust, who communicates well, who has a successful track record, whom you know will invest time and energy in your case?

Know to Whom You Will Turn for Help, BEFORE the Las Vegas Auto Accident Occurs:

Call Paul Padda first, before you need a Las Vegas auto accident attorney.

See Paul Padda Law BEFORE the accident.

You’ll know:

  • Who your attorney is.
  • That you trust him to put YOU first.
  • That you don’t have to respond to the other party’s insurance company representatives who DON’T have your best interests in mind.
  • That your injuries will be fully assessed, documented.
  • That you will receive the quality medical care you need and deserve.
  • That your attorney is quite capable of seeing that you obtain just compensation for the full extent of your physical, financial and emotional injuries.

Paul Padda and his team know how to present your claim effectively and efficiently.

Contact Paul Padda now so you can know your attorney before your Las Vegas auto accident.

(702) 366-1888

In the Meantime, Be Even Better Prepared for a Las Vegas Auto Accident:

Download our Step by Step Auto Accident Reporting Guide and keep it handy in your auto glove box. Should you get into an auto accident, you’ll know what to do.

Future installments of this blog will elaborate on why seeing Paul Padda Law for your Las Vegas auto accident is so important to your peace of mind and the healing process after you do become involved in an auto accident.


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