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Sexual abuse is a growing problem in society. Whether the abuse is directed at a child or an adult, the effects can be devastating and destructive for the victim. Although most people think of sexual abuse as primarily involving children, vulnerable adults can also be the victims of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse can occur in a variety of settings such as schools, churches, nursing homes, offices or any other place that involves human interaction. Many predators look for environments that place them in a position of authority over others in order to more easily target and access victims.

If you or a loved one have been victimized by sexual abuse, you need someone in your corner that can help. First, addressing the psychological impact of the abuse is the most important priority. This means seeking appropriate medical help from a trained professional. It is common for victims to feel guilty, very ashamed and otherwise humiliated. Based upon these range of emotions, victims often have a difficult time speaking out and seeking help. Common signs associated with victims of sexual abuse include the following behavioral changes:
â- Changes in personality;
â- Unusual sexual behavior;
â- Depression and mood withdrawal;
â- Anger problems;
â- Drug and alcohol abuse;
â- Avoidance of family and friends.

When an adult or child are victimized by sexual abuse, the perpetrator not only harms the victim but their loved ones as well. For this reason, getting appropriate medical treatment from a licensed professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist is essential.

According to “Stop It Now!,” an advocacy organization dedicated to preventing sexual abuse, as many as one-third of all girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused at some point in their childhood. These statistics are alarming and should motivate adults, families and communities to take action to protect children and other vulnerable members of society.

According to experts, there are nine things parents can do to help protect against sexual abuse of their children. These are:

1. Instill a sense of privacy in a child when they go to the bathroom, dress, bathe and sleep;
2. Teach a child to say “no” when they are uncomfortable being tickled, hugged or kissed;
3. Build communication with your child so that they immediately alert you if they have been inappropriately touched (this includes making a child feel comfortable discussing problems with you);
4. Explain the dangers of keeping secrets;
5. Let your child know you are there to defend, protect and keep him or her safe;
6. Take an interest in your child’s internet activities by monitoring email and web cam exchanges.

Peter S. Pelullo, a frequent guest on the Dr. Drew show and the author of the book “Betrayal and the Beast” is the founder of the “Let Go . . . Let Peace Come In” foundation which helps and supports adult victims of childhood sexual abuse throughout the world. According to Mr. Pelullo, himself a survivor of childhood abuse, the effects of childhood sexual abuse can be debilitating and long-lasting resulting in “major psychological, emotional and physical disorders including substance abuse, depression, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders and an inability to have healthy, happy relationships.” “Parents must be aware of the fact that most sexual abuse cases involve a person the child know” cautions Pelullo. Parents have a duty to protect their children. “Don’t wait until you see a problem . . . Start taking actions today” advises Pelullo.

If you or a loved one have been victimized by sexual abuse, you have legal rights. A good and experienced lawyer in the area of sexual abuse cases will understand the emotional components unique to these types of situations. Obtaining appropriate compensation is essential in order to assist victims in seeking necessary treatment for what might require several years of therapy. Aggressive advocacy upon behalf of the victim will ensure that an organization that employed the perpetrator will be eager to resolve any claims on terms favorable to the vulnerable victim. Victims are not responsible for being victims. Culpability lies with the perpetrators and those that turn a blind eye to their abuse. Because, justice is often a function of having the appropriate advocate, it is important to ensure you or your loved one has the right attorney fighting in your corner. “Don’t get mad, get legal!”

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