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How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

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how to find the right personal injury lawyer in las vegas

Finding the right personal injury lawyer can be challenging. There are more ads for personal injury lawyers than ever these days. A glut of options makes telling apart the good ones from the bad ones increasingly difficult. The key when looking for a good lawyer is to seek out a specific set of qualities, and not necessarily the ones you would find on a lawyer’s resume.


The next time you are trying to figure out how to find the right personal injury lawyer, look to the following criteria to help with your decision:



Without a doubt, experience is the most important trait any lawyer can have. They must have experience with cases similar to yours as an absolute baseline minimum requirement.


For instance, you should not just choose any personal injury lawyer if you have been in a motorcycle accident; you should look to one who has specific experience with motorcycle injury cases. This experience will allow them to consider factors an inexperienced lawyer may overlook and give them access to critical resources. They may know a former crash investigation and reconstruction detective, for example, who has seen many motorcycle accidents and can testify as an expert witness.


Your lawyer should also have experience in the locality where your case is being carried out. Being familiar with the way certain jurisdictions operate — or, even better, how certain judges tend to handle cases — can give your case advantages when planning strategically.


Excellent communication and presentation skills

Your lawyer should have excellent communication skills. They should be able to discuss your options and other legal matters in ways that make perfect sense while giving you detailed context.


Your lawyer should also be able to effectively explain your position and your case arguments to others, whether that happens during mediation or in a courtroom in front of a jury. Effective communication can often make or break a plaintiff’s case no matter how strong their evidence or legal standing is.


Good analytical skills

Arguing cases means being able to analyze the situation from multiple angles and understand how the law applies to it specifically. Since laws and situations can be interpreted in different ways, your attorney must choose a convincing approach that makes logical sense and frames things sympathetically from your perspective. While this type of deep analysis requires presentation skills, a good lawyer must also be able to mentally stage all the pieces of your case. Every single argument and piece of evidence strengthens the other.


Accountability and accessibility

Your lawyer should keep you up-to-date on your case developments and respond as promptly as they can to any questions or comments you may have. No one likes feeling like their case is going on behind closed doors, nor do they appreciate feeling like their representative is constantly out of touch.


Find a lawyer with good “customer service” in terms of how they respond to your attempts to contact them. This quality of service also extends to being honest and mature about how things are going. In other words: you should hear legitimate facts rather than excuses or blame-shifting when something does not go according to plan.


Find a personal injury lawyer who can exceed your expectations

We at Paul Padda go out of our way to deliver an exceptional client experience, and we always back it up with the knowledge, skills, and familiarity to adeptly represent your case. If you have been injured in an accident and want to explore your options for compensation, contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers now to receive a case evaluation and potentially start your case today.

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Paul Padda, a former federal prosecutor, is the founder of Paul Padda Law: a law firm based in Las Vegas Nevada representing plaintiffs throughout the nation in personal injury and other civil cases. With over 15 years experience litigating in federal and state court, Paul has a proven track record of success, including obtaining one of the largest jury verdicts in Nevada history. A first generation American, Paul is dedicated and committed to helping his clients navigate the legal system and take on large and powerful interests. A lawyer who truly cares, Paul provides individualized and compassionate attention to each and every one of his clients.

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