Antony L. Abbatangelo

My name is Tony Abbatangelo.  I represent personal injury clients here at Paul Padda Law.  When someone’s been injured in a car accident or some other type of personal injury event, the first thing on their mind is whether their life will ever be the same again.  I know from having represented many clients that this can be stressful and cause tremendous anxiety.  That’s where I come in.  My job is to help injured people try to regain their life.  I’ve been training for this job from the day I was born.  How is that you might be wondering?  Well, let me tell you about myself.

My father, David Abbatangelo, was a well-known attorney in Las Vegas.  He and my mother, Mary, moved here from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania back in 1961.  Boy was Las Vegas a different town back then!  Las Vegas was a small town and the legal community was even smaller.  But my parents, like so many others, came here for the amazing opportunities afforded by this city.  My father practiced law representing people with all kinds of legal issues.  Back then, lawyers pretty much handled every type of case you can think of.  I guess you could call it “door law.”  Anybody that walked through the door with a legal problem was a potential client!

My father represented people facing criminal charges, people injured in accidents, anyone needing a will, people dealing with a divorce or any other legal situation you could think of.  My mother was the office manager, receptionist, file clerk, case manager paralegal, secretary, bookkeeper, accountant and law clerk all wrapped up into one person.  She was the original “multitasker” before the term was ever invented.  While Dad practiced law, Mom was in charge of everything else, including raising me.  This meant daycare was the office!  From the time I could walk, and when I wasn’t in school, I was at my father’s law firm.  It was home away from home.

My father had quite a big personality.  He charmed judges and juries and was beloved by court staff.  He would often take me to court with him.  From the time I was a child I saw the effect my father had on people and the power a lawyer could have to help change a person’s life.  His clients placed their entire trust in him and, as a young child, it had a huge impact on me as I observed him in court and saw the respect judges had for him.  What I learned from my father and my mother was that every client must be treated with respect.  For them it wasn’t a marketing concept.  It was simply the way they were.  And, showing clients “respect” meant understanding their situation, calling them back promptly and taking the time to explain their case to them.  Watching my parents and seeing how many people they helped made me realize at a very young age that my destiny was to be a lawyer.  It was “in the blood” as we Italians like to say.

I attended both college and law school at the University of San Diego.  While the weather and beaches of southern California were enchanting to be sure, home for me has always been Nevada.  Thus, after finishing law school, I moved back to Las Vegas to join my father’s law practice.  It was one of the most exciting days of my life when I reported to work and had my bosses, Mom and Dad, hand me a client file.  What I learned from working with my parents were things a young lawyer doesn’t get taught in law school.  The importance of showing clients respect and decency.  Having the emotional intelligence to understand the stress clients are under.  And the importance of always staying in contact with clients and keeping them informed.  Truthfully, I can say I learned more working with my parents in their law firm in the first 6 months than I learned in 3 years of law school.

While working with my father, I was fortunate to be part of the legal team that helped secure a $14 million settlement for a personal injury client.  This was a real eye-opener for me, and it once again reaffirmed in my mind the huge impact a lawyer could have on a client’s life.  After that result, I decided to become a Judge.  I ran for and won a seat on the Las Vegas Municipal Court and then later on the Las Vegas Justice Court.  I remained a Judge for nearly a decade, ultimately advancing to become the Chief Judge of the court.  In all my years as a Judge, what I learned and observed was that the best and most effective lawyers were always the best prepared.  It’s one thing to know the law, but if a lawyer knows the facts of his client’s case and can convey those facts in a compelling way, then the results can be dramatic.  What I learned as a Judge is that so much of being a good trial lawyer is being a good storyteller.

Today, as a personal injury lawyer at Paul Padda Law, I bring a lifetime of experience, observations and skills to help clients get the compensation they deserve.  I do this by effectively telling their story.  I understand the stakes are high and that for every client the most important case is their own case, irrespective of how much it might be worth.  I understand that no client wants to be injured but when it happens, they want and need an advocate in their corner that’s not afraid to fight for what’s right.  My parents are no longer with me but I hear their voices all the time.  They’re always whispering to me, keeping me on the path of truth and integrity and serving as a constant reminder of what it means to live a good and honorable life.  Today, when I see the anxiety in the face of a client or the uncertainty that comes from an accident, I can hear my father and mother telling me what needs to happen — just like they did on the first day I started working with them and they handed me a client file.

I’m truly honored to be part of a profession that can change a person’s life.  I love being a lawyer and I’m passionate about helping people.  When you hire Paul Padda Law, you get a team of people that are working to transform a bad situation for the better.  As part of this team, I bring my life experiences to the table to help every client I encounter.  Like I said in the beginning, I’ve been training for this from the day I was born.  Give us a call today at (702) 213-9454 or contact us through this website and let us help you get on the path to recovery.

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