At Paul Padda Law, we are dedicated to being a law firm that not only helps those who have been harmed through no fault of their own, but we are committed to serving our community through a number of ways. By attending various events, structuring different partnerships, and promoting alliances with area organizations, we help to strengthen and better the lives of those living and working in Las Vegas.

For years, we have collaborated with various groups on fundraising efforts and other events that help their association’s members grow and prosper. Learn more about our community involvement below.


Paul Padda Law Gives $7240 in Gas Gift Cards to Federal Workers During Government Shutdown

This past Sunday, January 27th, Las Vegas personal injury lawyer Paul Padda spent his birthday with the rest of Paul Padda Law passing out $7240 worth of gas gift cards to federal employees who had been affected by the government shutdown. Attorney Padda and the rest of the team at Paul Padda Law appreciate the work that government employees do, both federal and local, and wanted to do something to help out those affected by the government shutdown. Paul Padda said, “Only through coming together to help those in need are we made stronger. I have been fortunate and Las Vegas has been good to me, so I want to do what I can to give back.” He further added, “as a former federal prosecutor, I have a special empathy for the outstanding men and women that make up the federal workforce and that make this country run.” “We have the best civil service in the world” Padda stated and added, “it’s our duty to help them in this time of need.”

Paul Padda and the team at Paul Padda Law were pleased to see other local businesses making similar efforts to provide support for the men and women that work for us every day. Paul Padda Law also encouraged individual donations of canned goods, diapers, and other necessities that may have been a burden for federal employees after missing multiple paychecks. It was great for the team to get to meet so many of the people who help keep our country running, and the event was a tremendous success.


Cheyenne High School – Las Vegas, Nevada

Built in 1991, Cheyenne High School serves a large minority population, and roughly 75 percent of its students and their families live in poverty and/or receive assistance to pay for school day meals. The school’s mission statement encourages perseverance and creative thinking to help students “be well-equipped to pursue their goals and become successful members of our diverse and changing technological society.” With the rapid development of technology, Paul Padda Law knew they could be of help to the students, faculty, and staff at Cheyenne HS.

Recently, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys donated $33,000 to Cheyenne High School. This contribution will aid in supporting ACT test preparation, assist in purchasing a new scorer’s table and football pads for the athletic department, and help the marching band with various needs.

Attorney Paul Padda was proud to present the check to Dr. Zachary Robbins, Principal of the school, and is quoted at the presentation as saying, “genius resides everywhere, but you just have to have the tools and the resources to tap into and give people the ability to succeed.” In not having to worry about financing these various needs, the administration at Cheyenne HS can concentrate on continuing to work towards its mission of preparing their students for the future.


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