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Auto Injury Recovery Fast Track: How to Recover Faster While Maximizing Injury Compensation

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auto injury recovery fast track, Joshua Ang for Paul Padda Law

Auto Injury Recovery Is Not a Sure Thing Even with the Best Traumatic Injury Specialist

auto injury recovery fast track, Joshua Ang for Paul Padda LawIn our earlier article “Injured in an Auto Accident? What to Do in the First 24 Hours”, we emphasized the importance of seeing healthcare professionals who specialize in treating the type of injuries typically arising from auto accidents and are experienced at treating auto accident victims. View that article to learn why all health care providers are not equally equipped to diagnose and treat the kind of traumatic injury that often occurs as the result of an auto accident.

This is why at Paul Padda Law, we work daily with some of the best traumatic injury healthcare professionals in Las Vegas. After being injured in an auto accident, we are usually able to pair you up with the healthcare professional most suitable for your specific medical conditions, to set you on the road to recovery.

However, even enlisting the best traumatic injury specialist will not alone ensure your best recovery and here’s why.

Auto Injury Recovery Requires Consistent Follow-Through

auto injury recovery fast track, Joshua Ang for Paul Padda LawMedical treatment is a process that does not end after your first visit to a healthcare professional, which usually leads to many subsequent follow-up consultations and/or treatment /therapy sessions. Many people often find it a hassle to have to attend numerous follow-up consultations or therapy sessions with a healthcare professional, sometimes multiple times a week, at distant locations that are not always the most convenient for them.

It is for this reason that many people decide to skip their follow-up consultations or treatment/therapy sessions with their healthcare providers. DO NOT DO THIS, DO NOT SKIP MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS! There are two main reasons why you should never skip scheduled medical appointments.

Auto Injury Recovery Can Be Derailed when You Skip Medical Appointments

auto injury recovery fast track, Joshua Ang for Paul Padda LawFirst, skipping medical appointments will have an immense negative impact on your recovery. Follow-up consultations with healthcare professionals are meant to allow them to monitor the progression of your recovery, and for them to customize your treatment to best suit your body’s current stage of recovery. Missing a follow-up appointment means healthcare professionals cannot accurately gauge the stage of your recovery which may result in you receiving sub-optimal treatment which delays your recovery. On the other hand, treatment/therapy sessions with healthcare professionals such as chiropractors are meant to attack and treat the medical issues at the root of your symptoms. Inconsistent or missed treatment/therapy due to missing medical appointments will only hinder your recovery.

Auto Injury Recovery Financial Compensation May be Lower when You Skip Medical Appointments

Second, missing medical appointments will have an adverse impact on the compensation you will receive at the end of your case. It is extremely important that your recovery and associated processes and treatments are comprehensively documented by healthcare professionals. It is, after all, extremely difficult to show that the medical treatment you underwent was necessary and effective and ask an insurance company to pay you for it, if your injuries and the recovery process are poorly documented and the record shows numerous missed medical appointments. Missed medical appointments and gaps in treatment can be presumed to show a lack of need for treatment, and poorly documented injuries due to missed follow-up consultations are minimized.

Auto Injury Recovery Fast Track Requires Attending All Your Medical Appointments

If you are currently receiving medical treatment following an auto accident, do everything your doctors tell you to do and attend every appointment. Diligence will set you on the fast track to recovery and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible at the end of your case.

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