Why You Need a Compassionate Attorney

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkKFxyIvvQs]Hi, this is Paul Padda. I’m the owner and the managing attorney of Paul Padda Law, a Las Vegas-based firm specializing in personal injury law. Having a Compassionate Attorney Is Essential to a Successful Attorney/Client Relationship. Today I want to talk to you about…

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Nevada’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits: What to Know

Nevada state law mandates that all private companies who have one or more employees to purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Generally, workers’ compensation insurance pays for medical expenses, lost wages, as well as temporary and permanent disability suffered by a worker who is injured on…

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Collecting Unemployment Benefits in Nevada

Did you or someone you know recently lose a job in Nevada? If so, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. The purpose of unemployment benefits is to provide compensation to former employees who are unable to work at this time, but not as a…

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