Why Your Vote Matters in 2020

Thomas Jefferson once said, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” That statement couldn’t be more accurate during this election cycle. Voting is the fuel that powers our democracy. Without it, the United States would be…

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Auto Repossession During COVID-19

With the current high unemployment rate in Nevada, many individuals are concerned about how to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table.  Other looming concerns include how to manage car payments, payday and title loans, and credit card debt.  For…

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Why I Choose To Work With Legal Aid

I’ll never be an attorney! Growing up, I was convinced that I would never be an attorney, let alone see myself working with Legal Aid.  My impression of attorneys was based on what I saw in popular media, where attorneys are often portrayed as brash,…

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Providing Legal Aid Services in a Pandemic

Five months ago, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada was providing in-person services at four different locations (Civil Law Self Help Center, Family Law Self Help Center, Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, and the main building) helping with requests such as responding to debt collection cases,…

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Awareness and Prevention of Sex Trafficking

There is no denying that sex trafficking is rampant in Nevada.  Some say legalizing prostitution would curb sex trafficking, however many in that business state this is not true. The primary concern to Awareness Is Prevention (AIP) is the exploitation and trafficking of children. The…

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Music To Recover Life

How does music power up your life – before, during or after trauma? Could this be you talking? Music is my therapist … I can’t imagine life without my music. Imagine … right now thousands of American troops are being deployed into conflict in the…

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