James P. “Jim” Kelly

James P. “Jim” Kelly was born in Miami, Florida. While growing up, he moved several times with his parents and sister due to his father’s advancing career as an airline pilot. During his formative years, Jim lived in Hawaii and New York before settling in California by the time he was nine years old. Jim loved sports in school and played on numerous teams from an early age through college including the following: baseball, basketball, football, track & field and rowing crew. Jim received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”) all while working every summer in construction building homes and apartments. After graduating from UCLA, Jim focused on his early fascination with airplanes and flying by also pursuing an aviation career, just like his dad! First, Jim became a licensed pilot, then a certified flight instructor teaching others to fly airplanes, and finally becoming a certified airline transport pilot flying for a national commuter airline.

Deciding to change careers to begin a new challenge, Jim moved to Las Vegas and soon was accepted in 1998 as a charter class member at the Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (“UNLV”). Jim studied law at UNLV while employed as a journeyman electrician at a major Las Vegas strip hotel. After graduating law school cum laude (with honors), Jim became a law clerk for the Honorable Sally Loehrer in the Clark County District Court. Later, he clerked for the Honorable Myron Leavitt of the Nevada Supreme Court. During this time as a law clerk, a prestigious and competitive opportunity afforded to only a few select law school graduates, Jim gained firsthand insight into how the law could significantly impact the rights of people injured by the actions of others. This experience motivated Jim to focus on a legal career representing the rights of people facing either the enormous resources of the government or insurance companies.

After finishing up his clerkships, Jim began practicing criminal law to defend those wrongfully accused of a crime. This experience as a criminal defense lawyer gave Jim significant courtroom experience. As he spent more and more time in court, he soon met many people who were victims of injury accidents caused by the carelessness of others who sought his help. Eventually, Jim came to realize that he needed to help injury victims so he decided to focus his practice on personal injury matters. Now, Jim practices exclusively personal injury law to help those physically injured by the carelessness of others.

Jim loves Las Vegas and the people of Las Vegas. A highly experienced and accomplished personal injury attorney that has the ability to see all angles of an issue, Jim is dedicated to helping people that have been the victim of an accident caused by the carelessness of another. A valuable member of the team at Paul Padda Law, Jim is supported by an outstanding group of professionals dedicated to providing excellent care and customer service.

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