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5 Common Personal Injury Accidents

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When you’re hurt in an accident, you deserve to get compensated for the damages you suffer. Whether it’s paying for your mounting medical bills, compensation for emotional damages and pain and suffering, payment for your damaged relationships and loss of consortium, or recovery of lost wages and potential future compensation, you deserve to be able to live your life.

Injury claims allow you to seek this compensation, and there are well over half a million of these filed annually across the U.S. In fact, there’s closer to 2/3 of a million—around 700,000. Learn about the five most common personal injury accidents and how a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your injury.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are hands-down the most common form of accident that results in personal injury cases. There are somewhere around 6 million accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles every year in the nation. There are many causes for these, including poor roadways, weather conditions and irresponsible, distracted or drunk drivers.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal injuries that occur due to premises liability are incredibly and increasingly common across the nation. When you’re in a public place or visiting somewhere and get hurt due to negligence on the part of the property owner or manager, that party is liable for the injuries you suffer. Whether it’s due to a loose floor board, bad concrete, loose carpet or any other reason, if it should’ve been fixed but wasn’t and you get hurt, you may be entitled to compensation.

Injuries at Work

People get hurt at work all the time. Work-related injuries can be some of the trickiest personal injury claims to solve, in fact. This is because the majority of these cases fall under workers’ compensation laws, which forbid you from suing your employer unless you can prove gross negligence. Of course, if your injury is the fault of someone engaging in behavior outside the scope of employment, a personal injury claim can very well arise.

Malpractice Suits

When you get hurt due to the negligence of a medical professional, this is termed “medical malpractice.” Doctors take an oath to do no harm, but they make mistakes like everyone else. When they do and you get injured as a result, they’re expected to take responsibility, step up and pay for the damages.

Product Liability

As technology increases at a breakneck pace, so does the potential for that technology to fail. Manufacturers are racing to beat each other to the latest development, and unfortunately that sometimes ends up with people getting hurt because not enough precautions were taken. When you get hurt using a product as intended because the product fails in some way, you can get compensated.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get hurt in any situation where it’s someone else’s fault, you deserve to get compensation for the physical, emotional and financial damages you suffer. However, getting the most compensation requires having representation from a good Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Paul Padda is a former prosecutor with decades of legal experience. If you need help with your personal injury case, call us for a free consultation today.

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Paul Padda, a former federal prosecutor, is the founder of Paul Padda Law: a law firm based in Las Vegas Nevada representing plaintiffs throughout the nation in personal injury and other civil cases. With over 15 years experience litigating in federal and state court, Paul has a proven track record of success, including obtaining one of the largest jury verdicts in Nevada history. A first generation American, Paul is dedicated and committed to helping his clients navigate the legal system and take on large and powerful interests. A lawyer who truly cares, Paul provides individualized and compassionate attention to each and every one of his clients.

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