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3 Steps to Take When Injured on Vacation

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3 Steps to Take When Injured on Vacation

Vacationing in Nevada, especially the Las Vegas area, is a goal for travelers worldwide. People want to experience the casinos, nightlife and restaurants. However, things can take a turn for the worse if you suffer an accident or sustain an injury. This great city, just like anywhere else, can be fun but also dangerous if you do not take any safety precautions. Las Vegas tourists can suffer from swimming pool accidents, hotel accidents or even casino accidents.

Las Vegas tourists should contact a Las Vegas lawyers immediately if they have suffered from any of these accidents. The law offices of Paul Padda can help you resolve this unfortunate event and move on with your recovery. Read the following to know three major steps you should take if you are injured on vacation.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you are traveling to a high-risk area, it will come in handy if anything happens to you. If you already suffer from a serious medical condition, travel insurance will help you in case of an emergency. Plans can be customized based on your health condition, length of stay and other factors. Rates also vary.

If you get injured, contact your insurance rep immediately. Most travel insurance companies have 24-hour service centers. They can help you get immediate medical attention.

It is also important to carry your insurance card and other identifying documents with you at all times. Inform the agent of your injuries and primary care provider. You can file a claim once you get home.

Get Medical Help

Do not wait to receive medical attention after an injury. Call an ambulance, walk or drive to the emergency room. It is important to get medical attention as soon as possible to prevent your condition from worsening. If you end up filing a lawsuit due to your injuries, the courts and insurance company will need proof of your claims. If there are no medical records proving you were injured or sought care, then your case can be severely hampered.

Take Notes

It is often very difficult to recognize or understand what is going on after an accident. This is even more apparent when you are in an unfamiliar place. It is very important to record the events surrounding the accident or your injury. Take note of the time, location, date, witnesses, etc. during an accident. It is very important to talk to any witnesses at the scene. Ask them for help or ask them to record the situation with their smartphone. Then, take their contact information.

Also make note of our injuries, the emergency room, the medical professionals and anything else involving your medical treatment.

Contact a Lawyer

The best thing to do is to contact personal injury lawyers at Paul Padda Law. Our attorneys have been practicing in the Las Vegas area for many years and we specialize in personal injuries and accidents cases. Our team of Las Vegas attorneys will educate you about your options as an accident victim. We can help you file lawsuits against negligent companies such as hotels, tourist attractions, etc. Don’t wait to get help, better call Paul today.

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